Don’t Take My Word for It


All of that information is helpful and important when making a purchasing decision, but sometimes you want to know what other people think. A product recommendation gives you confidence in your buying decision. Luckily, the Internet offers that, too.

Through a simple search you can find someone who has something to say, good or bad, about the interior design of a car you are looking to buy or the service at a restaurant you want to eat in. And now, thanks to a new feature introduced during the recent redesign of, you can find out what other contractors think about a piece of equipment or a product you are looking to purchase.

The new Five-Star Product Rating feature at allows you to research construction products and learn what other contractors around the world are saying about them. You can also share your thoughts on products and add to the discussion.

Try it by visiting, the website portal that covers Concrete Contractor and its sister publications like Equipment Today and Sustainable Construction. From there click on the Equipment Network; this is our online guide to the top products and equipment in the construction industry. Each entry in the Equipment Network offers contractors the opportunity to read about or comment on a piece of equipment or product.

Take some time to explore the Five Star Product Ratings on and share your views on the equipment and products you use. And while you are in an opinion-sharing mood, drop me an email,, with your thoughts on our new website redesign.