NCCER Offers Assessment and Certification Program

GAINESVILLE, FL - NCCER offers the National Craft Assessment and Certification Program (NCACP) to measure the knowledge and skill level of journey-level craft professionals in a specific craft area and provide a training prescription for upgrade training. The NCACP also contains level one assessments for entry-level and new employees. The NCACP consists of more than 45 assessments for the construction, maintenance, and pipeline industries and provides contractors with an effective tool to evaluate the skills and productivity of their workforce.

An individual's qualifications are documented and tracked through NCCER's National Registry, a credentialing and certification system assuring national portability of skills.Certifications for the NCACP include certified written, performance verified, and certified plus. 

All assessments are based upon the Contren Learning Series curriculum and are developed in conjunction with Prov, NCCER's test development partner. Assessments are available in either paper/pencil or online format.

A complete listing of assessments is available on NCCER's Web site at

NCCER is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) education foundation created by the construction industry to develop standardized curriculum with portable credentials and to help address the skilled construction workforce shortage. NCCER is recognized by the industry as the training, assessment, certification, and career development standard for the construction, maintenance, and pipeline craft professional. For more information, visit or contact NCCER customer service at 888.622.3720.