Track Pads Survive Eight Years/10,000 Hours

At the AED Summit & Condex 2012, BLS Enterprises, Inc. will be exhibiting one of its rubber Artliner-BLS Clip-On Pads used by Golden Triangle Construction in Imperial, PA, for a combined 10,000 hours on Kobelco SK120 and Caterpillar 312 excavators.

Brad Abbott, Golden Triangle's equipment manager, bought a set of 600mm clip-on Artliner-BLS rubber track pads in March 2002 for his Kobelco SK120 to protect the asphalt and concrete work areas, and finally replaced the pads in July 2010. During those eight years, Abbott racked up over 10,000 hours of work using the pads on the two different machines. Also during that time, Abbott purchased eight more sets of the track pads for his other excavators.