Excavator Bucket Rips Rock for Mexican Pipeline

Mexican contractor, CYUNSA Constructores y Urbanizadores del Noroeste S.A. de C.V., chose a High-Cap Multi Ripper bucket from Leading Edge Attachments to rip rock while cutting 84 miles of water pipeline through the Sonoran desert. 

The High-Cap Multi Ripper is specially designed to focus six to nine times the force of a conventional excavator bucket on three ripper teeth positioned along a diagonal cutting edge for digging and ripping very hard material such as rock and caliche. CYUNSA Constructores has mounted it on a Hyundai 450-LC7 (100,000 lbs.) crawler excavator.

According to the contractor, the bucket "is doing a great job in digging and ripping rock for the 10-ft.-deep (3-meter) by 53-in.-wide (2-meter) trench." The 48- and 52-in.-diameter iron pipe they are installing is intended to conduct 628 gal. (2.378 cu. meters) of liquid per second. Installation is scheduled to be finished in May 2012.

CYUNSA Constructores y Urbanizadores del Noroeste S.A. de C.V. is based in Sonora. The company specializes in all facets of excavation work, including demolition, site development, septic systems, water pipelines and drainage.

Helicopter Footage of the Bucket Working in Sonora (2:10 min.)