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February Featured Facebook Contractor: Regional Pavement Maintenance of Arizona

Name:  Steve Leone      

Company: Regional Pavement Maintenance of Arizona

Position:  Owner     

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Regional Pavement Maintenance of Arizona's Facebook page and website.  


What services do you offer? 

Full Service Pavement Maintenance Company offering Asphalt Paving, Patching, Sealcoating, Cracksealing, Crack Routing, Striping, Sign Installation, Slurry Seal, Fog Seal, Grading, Concrete Repairs, Sweeping, Milling and Pulverizing.

How many employees do you have?     

Fluctuates with seasonality -- 34 to 52.

What type of customers do you serve?

Private, Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, Health, Education and Federal.

What is your company's service area? 

Arizona, statewide

What manufacturer's equipment do you use? 

Lee Boy, Crafco, Caterpillar, Cimline, Graco, Bearcat, Ingersoll-Rand, International, Freightliner, Case, Keizer-Morse, Raynor Equipment, Seal Rite, Bomag, Neal Manufacturing & Sealmaster.

Can you tell me about a recent job? (Who was it for? How big was it? How long did it take? Did you have to do anything different to complete it?) 

Department of Emergency Military Affairs at Picacho Peak was a multi-phase project that took place over a 4 week period.  Work consisted of safety and visibility improvement to jet runways and Apache helicopter training areas.  Roadway and parking lot work was completed for both military and civilian usage.  Sustainable methods of re-using asphalt millings and freshly pulverized material were an integral part of the project.  Work performed by Regional Pavement Maintenance included slurry seal, asphalt  sealcoating, hot cracksealing, grading, pulverizing, milling, asphalt overlay paving, new installation paving and patching.

How did you begin working in this industry? How did you come up with the company name? 

I began working in this industry as child in our father's side business from his Public Works job.  My first jobs were opening 5 gallon pails of sealcoat and boxing them back and forth to mix, sweeping with a push broom, and pulling weeds out of cracks with my fingers.  My brother Phil came up with the name when we decided to take the business to higher level.  The goal was never to be #1, but look as good, market better and be the best #2 possible.  Having a general name like “Regional” provided that and avoided the traps of family names and acronyms.

How long have you had a Facebook page? What motivated you to create one? 

The Facebook page has been up and running for a couple years.  Our focus is to bring the customer inside our company and get to know the people, projects, and what we do for the community.  People simply need to be invited inside the cones, flashing lights, barricades and caution tape. Facebook is another avenue of doing that.

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

It is really the only thing I know after basically being born into it and working 30+ years.  My brother and I applied everything we ever learned in college and from the mentoring of others toward it. My partner in Arizona, Joe DiGiugno, is just as passionate about the asphalt business as we are.  Currently in our 8th consecutive year of growth in the Arizona Market, I must say I enjoy the fantastic team we are surrounded with and the fantastic response of our customers who truly feel we are “Arizona’s Better Choice.”

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