Green Fleet Recognition Pioneered by AEMP

Across the country, consumers are continuing to demand green products and services. Fleets and fleet managers are not exempt from this demand. Despite more than a decade of hard work and dollars invested in reducing their equipment’s impact on the environment, fleets are often still viewed by the public as leading contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Construction equipment fleet owners often have a difficult time demonstrating and validating their progress toward sustainability.

To bring a more accurate impression of heavy equipment fleets to the public, the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) recognizes those fleets and fleet managers who actively pursue a greener fleet through the AEMP Green Fleet Initiative.

“AEMP is answering this industry need by recognizing a range of green fleet levels and encouraging those same fleets to take their commitment a step further,” says Sara Sanderman, Director of Program Development for AEMP.

“Our goal is to be the LEED program of the equipment side of construction. We would like to see guidelines to make the program full circle — from building practices to building materials to equipment used to make that building.”

The program consists of a range of Green Fleet levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. These levels can serve as stepping stones for fleets that wish to continue improving fleet emissions.

The requirements to qualify for each AEMP Green Fleet certification level progressively increase every few years, keeping fleets engaged in updates.

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