Join the Discussion

he pace of change in the world today seems to be speeding up continually, making it more and more challenging to stay on top of the factors affecting our businesses and the markets we serve. In order to provide valuable customer service, it’s imperative that we find ways to keep our finger on the pulse of their wants and needs.

We at Rental are striving to do just that with several initiatives. Last month, for example, we conducted a survey of rental businesses to provide us with insight into what our audience most desires from our editorial content. If you responded to our survey, we thank you for your time and cooperation. Your input is vitally important to everything we do. After all, you are the reason we exist.

Survey results are helpful, but they aren’t enough. There simply is no substitute for getting personal feedback from those who have the biggest stake in any enterprise. In this case, that would be you, our readers, the rental business people who make this industry tick.

That’s why I’m in the process of putting together an editorial board made up of individuals representing various aspects of the rental industry — small independent operations, specialty rental houses and major chains from around the country in both urban and rural areas.

Here is my call to action: If you’re interested in participating on this board, providing your feedback on our content and the various vehicles used to bring it to our audience, not to mention sharing your point of view on the market in general, please let me know by calling 800-547-7377, ext. 1647, or by emailing I promise the time commitment will be minimal and painless, while the pride you could take in knowing you’re helping to steer the direction of the messages going out to your peers will be most fulfilling, I hope. I can certainly assure you of my sincere gratitude for your input.

Lastly, whether or not you’d like to take part in the discussion and join our editorial board, I invite you to stop by and visit with me at Booth 7944 at The Rental Show. I’ll be available in the booth from 4 to 5 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 6, if you’d like to get acquainted. If you can’t make it at that time, look for me in the exhibit hall throughout the show. I look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!