UVolve Instant Floor Coatings Create Fast Turn Around, Low VOC Odor for Casino

The Challenge:
Coating the concrete floors of a cafeteria, hallway and surveillance area in a busy riverboat casino without odors or downtime interrupting business.

The Players:
Mirage Floor Coatings

The Process:
Mirage Floor Coatings, a regional flooring contractor, was commissioned to coat 1,200 square feet of concrete floor space on a riverboat casino. The specifications of this project were critical for the casino and included the need to coat a main corridor that served as the primary walkway for the facility. In doing so, there could be absolutely no disruption to business operations conducted in offices along the corridor, including surveillance, cash handling and facility administration, which were accessed every 30 minutes.

Additionally, the casino stipulated that any floor coating used must have a low odor and not pose any health risk to customers or employees. Since the job was being performed in a confined space, they did not want any lingering smell of the applied coating or any need for special air ventilation.

In light of these requirements, epoxy coatings were quickly ruled out as an option due to long cure times, and Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) coatings are often extremely aromatic and can contain varying degrees of VOCs.

The contractor used UVolve Instant Floor Coatings as its solution to the challenge. Applied easily and cured instantly via a dose of UV light, these coatings would allow for immediate return to full operations while also providing important eco-friendly benefits.

UVolve Instant Floor Coatings are solvent-free, 100 percent solid materials with near zero VOC emissions and low odor, requiring no special air monitoring or cleaning methodology and making them an excellent choice for meeting environmental compliance certifications.

Due to the low VOC's, the casino's guests were not even aware of the project going on upstairs, and the business continued to operate smoothly.