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March Featured Facebook Contractor: Driveway Sealing Call Frank

Name: Frank Colacurcio Jr

Company: Driveway Sealing Call Frank

Position: President

Location: Stratford, CT

Driveway Sealing Call Frank's Facebook page and website


What services do you offer?

 We are a full service asphalt maintenance company offering services such as sealcoating, crack filling, line painting, infrared patching and powerwashing.

How many employees do you have?

 We have four full time seasonal employees and four part time to work on nights and weekends.

What type of customers do you serve?

We serve a lot of residential customers as well as commercial and a growing number of industrial. We repair and sealcoat a large number of residential driveways (12 seasons) and a growing number of commercial and industrial customers. We can accommodate Mary Jones' driveway that fits one car up to a Whole Sale Club lot at 300,000 square feet or more.

What is your company's service area?

We are in Connecticut serving most if not all of the state for commercial work. We also serve Fairfield and New Haven counties for residential.

What manufacturer's equipment do you use?

 Driveway Sealing Call Frank has a 2006 Equipt 550 Poly Pro Trailer and 2001 Seal Rite 700 Trailer for sealcoating. For infrared patching we use a Ray Tech 2 ton hot box along with a 6x4 portable infrared heater. They made this unit to my specs so we could patch smaller areas as well. The line painting division has a Titan 2800, a Titan 4900 hydraulic unit, and a 3900 Graco. 

Can you tell me about a recent job? (Who was it for? How big was it? How long did it take? Did you have to do anything different to complete it?)

 We recently (November 2011) completed an extensive crack filling job in which we were able to charge by the pallet (2,400 pounds of material per pallet). I received permission to apply three pallets of hot rubber with extensive cleaning of grass in the cracks. We used Billy Goat grazors to rip out the grass because it was already weed killed by the property managers. This project was for an abandoned Army Engine Plant in my town that consists of 60 plus acres. There is a lot of pavement and even though it was abandoned for so long they still need to do upkeep on the property. The 7,200 pounds of hot pour material was applied using three different machines at different times throughout the job. I used this opportunity to rent a cimline matrix 150 gallon unit to start the job. This unit worked well, but we also used a Crafco 265 gallon unit which worked really well. The project was finished using Cimlines new Metro Unit. Since we did this job late in the season, there were some issues with shorter days. One plus was being able to keep all of our equipment and materials on site for the duration of the project. We were able to complete the project in a week. The property manager gave us two referrals which led to more commercial crack filling through the month of January 2012. This is unheard of in the Northeast, but because of a mild winter we exceeded our work season by 3 months. 

How did you begin working in this industry? How did you come up with the company name?

 I actually started line painting 12 years ago when I had a residential painting business. I started with a Graco 3000 and some stencils I bought from a guy who was a landscaper. He had the line painting equipment for one account which he had lost. I sold my painting business and jumped in into the asphalt maintenance industry. As for the name, I started using Driveway Sealing Call Frank with my phone number on site signs as well as other marketing materials since day one but had a different name. Then, I realized that people (customers) complimented me all the time about my simplified marketing, so I decided to change the name to Driveway Sealing Call Frank.

How long have you had a Facebook page? What motivated you to create one?

I have had a Facebook page for 3 years. I was motivated to get a Facebook page when I started seeing a lot of businesses promoting they had a page. So I figured why not join in.

What do enjoy most about your job?

I love being my own boss and getting that instant WOW factor from customers whether it's a sealed driveway or a finished parking lot. Also, mostly everybody I have met within our industry has  been wonderful. 

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