Paver Suppliers Lay It On Thick

Since the start of the year, several concrete paving equipment manufacturers have introduced new or enhanced machines with features targeted to specific types of applications. Here’s a look at some of these features and their potential advantages on road building projects.

GOMACO 9500 Material-handling Machine

The two-track 9500 can be used in multiple applications, including as a trimmer, concrete and asphalt placer and shoulder trimmer.

Powered by a single-drive, hydrostatic motor, the front-mounted trimmerhead allows trimming to the end of each pass or within inches of front obstacles. Trimmer load control provides steady, easily controlled travel speed for optimum power. A quick-detach feature with machine-mounted pick-up arms allows the trimmerhead to be quickly and easily loaded on a truck for transport.

An optional hydraulically folding rear conveyor belt is the direct result of a contractor approaching the company with a specific request. As part of the conveyor frame redesign process, engineers rebuilt the conveyor to be stronger and more rigid with a truss-style framework. The belt width is still 36 in. and the rear conveyor maintains 160° swing with hydraulic height adjustment up to 12 ft. It has a 34.7-ft.-long reach during machine operation, and a conveyor belt speed of 504 fpm.

Other machine features include a remote control handset, emergency stop buttons located on strategic areas of the machine, a backup alarm, an alarm for conveyor swing and a rotating beacon on the rear conveyor.

Phoenix Compact Curbers

At World of Concrete in January, Phoenix Curb Machines introduced two models of compact curbers.

The Phoenix 2500 measures just 4 ft. tall, 5 ft. wide and 8 ft. long and weighs less than 2,000 lbs., yet can create up to 18-in. curb and gutter, including below-grade pouring. It is capable of a 50- to 60-fpm pouring speed and a travel speed up to 200 fpm. A rotary actuator on the front allows 180° turns for a tighter pouring radius. Other features include an expandable Easy-Load hopper; ConTech custom automatic sensors or optional Height Sensor and Cross Slope Sensor; and 25-hp Kohler electronic fuel-injected V-Twin or optional 25.2-hp diesel engine.

Weighing in at less than 10,000 lbs., the 9,400-lb. Phoenix 7500 slipform curber can pave curb/curb and gutter, 5-ft. walks and 3-ft. radius, and automatically backs down a stringline with the flip of a switch. Its 24” by 72” carbide-tipped auger grades around tight turns. Only a single operator is required for operation from three different positions. Advanced four-wheel drive and auto rear steering enhance maneuverability.

Wirtgen AutoPilot 3D Control System

The AutoPilot 3D control system is available for use with the Wirtgen SP 15 and SP 25 concrete slipform pavers. It’s designed to be a user-friendly, cost-effective control system for poured-in-place, offset concrete profiles, such as curbs or safety barriers.

The GPS-based system bypasses the need to establish a digital terrain model, since programming of the profile path or profile configuration is completed on site. It utilizes a computer integrated in the machine, as well as a control panel that allows intuitive operation. For course control, two machine-mounted GPS receivers communicate with an additional GPS reference station positioned on site. A laser or ultrasonic sensor is used for precise grade control.

Paving parameters are directly entered into the system via rotary push-button and function keys on the control screen. Menu navigation is self-explanatory, and graphics visualize the various profiles and profile configurations.

Terex Bid-Well 2418 Workbridge

The standard-duty 2418 workbridge has a 12-lb.-per-linear-foot weight, and comes with 3-, 6- and 12-ft. truss insert segments for operating widths up to a maximum of 105 ft. Telescoping end segments offer up to 10 ft. of leg travel to each side of the workbridge to adapt to flaring deck widths.

The boom-style, all-welded construction offers a stable frame at extended widths. Its unique design snaps together; interlocking bottom truss castings with pin-type top sections deliver fast assembly at the jobsite.

For bridge work, the unit can be equipped with concave wheels for riding on screed pipe or pneumatic tires for use on highway or roadway applications. The optional power drive unit provides the operator with simple switch control of forward and reverse workbridge movement.

A 24-in.-wide walkway over the 18-in.-deep truss frame allows crew members to cross freshly laid concrete surfaces to efficiently perform required tasks behind the paver.