2012 Review of A-Systems Corporation – A-Systems JobView

As reviewed by CPA Practice Advisor in March 2012

A-Systems Corporation – A-Systems JobView

From the March 2012 Review of Construction & Contractor Accounting Systems.

Best Fit: JobView offers excellent scalability, offering small to mid-sized construction related businesses a solid financial and job costing product while providing assurance that the software can transition and grow with them.


  • Scalable: available in three versions
  • Excellent full-featured payroll designed for the construction industry
  • Latest version contains system wide enhancements
  • Excellent reporting capability

Potential Limitations

  • There is not an available service/dispatch module
  • The product currently lacks integrated remote access

A-Systems Corporation is entering its 34th year of providing software designed specifically for construction companies. Currently offered in three versions, A-Systems JobView can easily work for construction companies of all sizes, from a small startup construction company to a large thriving enterprise.

Basic System Functions - 4.75 Stars

A-Systems JobView offers users an easy to use interface that was designed for simplicity. A drop down menu provides easy system access to all program modules. A series of icons are located to the left of the user screen which can be used to select functions. Data entry wizards are available, and hot keys allow users direct access to most options. Journal entry screens are well designed and compact and contain user tabs that provide instant access to additional functions in each module. A New Company Startup Wizard guides new users through various options and selections and simplifies the setup process.

JobView includes Management Overview screens (dashboards) that offer excellent drill down capability. Users can choose the Graph View, which provides summary financial information in a graphical format. The viewer system allows users to review up-to-date information about every job in the system. Each view screen is password protected for greater security. Separate views are also available for both the project manager and the job supervisor, reporting data relevant each job. JobView is designed on a Windows platform and supports with the latest Microsoft operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Core Accounting Capabilities - 5 Stars

Each edition of JobView contains solid accounting/financial functionality and includes modules for GL, AP, AR and Payroll. The GL allows users to setup and maintain multiple companies and can easily provide management with separate or combined financial statements as needed.

JobView provides users with a default chart of accounts option for quick setup, but users can also choose to either customize the default chart of accounts or create their own. Both job numbers and account numbers can be up to 10 characters in length. JobView uses a batch system for posting transactions, and recurring journal entries can be automatically recorded and reversed.

Users can choose when to close the month or delay year-end closings as needed, with an unlimited number of fiscal periods able to be open in the system at one time. The AP module allows users to easily expense an invoice against multiple jobs and cost codes, and users can search the system for possible duplicate invoices prior to entering data. Users can also post invoices into prior accounting periods.

The AP module easily handles subcontract payments including retentions. JobView's AR module is excellent, and includes industry specific functions such as time and billing, AIA draws, progress billings, along with the ability to produce customized invoices and recurring bills as needed.

The payroll module is construction specific and easily handles multi-state payroll processing and also handles multiple deduction types. Certified payroll is also available in JobView, and the payroll module supports direct deposit capability. Users can also import payroll information from field employees directly into JobView, and all workers compensation and tax rates are updated constantly by A-Systems. Additional modules available for JobView include Inventory Warehousing, Equipment Costing, Purchase Orders, Fixed Asset Management, and Sales Quote/Sales Order.

JobView includes built-in audit trail functionality that cannot be shut off. All transactions processed in JobView are recorded and can be accessed if necessary. User security is set for each employee - with each system user assigned system access based on their position - and can range from view-only access to full system access, as well as specific feature access within each module.

Construction/Contractor-Specific Features - 4.5 Stars

JobView allows users to import job estimates from a variety of sources, including other databases and third-party software applications. Budgets can track costs by groupings such as Labor, Material, Subcontracts, Equipment, and Other (categories and can be modified as needed). The new job option in JobView provides users with a useful tool for entering detailed information for each job, such as jobsite, billing, phases, and any pertinent certifications.

Users can review the Project Management Overview for quick access to job progress and current phases as well as budgeted, actual, and costs for each job. The 'as-of' reporting option allows job supervisors and project managers to view job progress and costs as of the date specified. A built in Projections and Modeling function allows users to easily forecast job expenses 36 months in advance.

Change order processing is available and amendments can be tracked using multiple criteria. The AP module tracks detailed information on insurance expirations, vendor payment terms and 1099 information. The built in Contact Manager function allows users to track projects, prospects and upcoming issues, and easily integrates with the AP, AR and Payroll modules. JobView also contains numerous user-defined fields for storing custom information.

JobView's Inventory Warehousing module allows users to manage inventory in multiple warehouses. Users can assign multiple pricing levels to vendors or for each item maintained in inventory. The Purchase Order module provides users with a warning when potential expenses may exceed the current budget. The Equipment Costing module allows users to keep track of equipment data including user, hours in use, income received from usage, etc.

Reporting & Management Tools - 4.5 Stars

JobView contains an excellent report-generator, creating numerous standard reports that can be easily customized as needed. The DataView custom report writer is also available in JobView for those requiring specialized reports. Company overview screens also provide users with overall financial performance indicators, as well as detailed financial information about individual jobs. Management reports can be geared toward the appropriate staff member, displaying only the information needed.

The AR module easily handles AIA invoicing, and the Contact Manager allows users to create templates for vendor and customer correspondence. The Electronic File Cabinet, an add-on module, allows users to attach customer and vendor documents, photos, contracts, and files to system transactions and provides electronic access to these documents to necessary personnel. JobView is currently developing a remote access version of JobView and expects to have it available in the near future. Reports can be easily emailed to customers and vendors or exported using a variety of file formats.

Integration/Import/Export - 5 Stars

The product's import and export capabilities allow users to import transactions and other data in batches from some third party estimation, electronic time clock and payroll applications. Users can also export data using a plain text (*.TXT) format. As a completely integrated system, all JobView modules work together, and users can scale up to a more powerful version of the product or add additional modules as needed. JobView offers a wide range of other tools, including Point of Sale, ODBC, Credit Card Processing, and Electronic Import/Export modules.

Help/Support - 5 Stars

Along with an excellent help function found throughout the product, JobView also offers many features designed to assist new users with system setup and navigation, including a Procedures Guide for routine tasks. JobView also offers product technical support agreements that can be purchased on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. Various user training options are also available, and all support questions are handled through JobView's office in the U.S.


A-Systems JobView is available in three separate editions (Small Builder Advantage, Standard and Preferred). Prices range from $79.95 at the entry level up to the Preferred edition, which currently has a retail price of $4,995. Extremely scalable, flexible and easy to use, JobView continues to be an excellent choice for small to mid-sized construction-related businesses.

2012 OVERALL RATING:4.75 Stars