Online Exclusive

Pavement to Showcase Industry Blogs

So, you're on Facebook, Twitter and you have a website. Now what? Why not take another step toward establishing your online presence by creating a blog — a one-stop-shop for potential clients to learn from you, the expert – and Pavement can feature your blog in the future!

Blogging allows you to be the expert potential clients are looking for to pave their driveway, stripe their parking lot and repair that pot hole. You can use your blog to discuss any industry topic from how to choose a professional contractor to the advantages of sweeping or how to determine when a parking lot needs to be sealcoated. When clients are surfing the Internet, your blog will show them your professionalism and knowledge of the industry.

By regularly writing a blog, you are also able to connect with your potential clients on another level: You can share community activities you participate in such as volunteering at a local event. This is just another way to enhance your creditability.

With the season underway now is the perfect time to start blogging! Start by doing one entry a week discussing a project you completed or common questions you received. Take this opportunity to communicate with your clients and show your knowledge.

Keep an eye out in future Blacktop Updates for a blog we’ve decided to highlight – maybe it will be yours! This month, check out the blog on

If you are already blogging, send a link to associate editor Kimberley Schmitt at