BLINDSIDED: You Didn’t See It Coming

Members and non-members alike have come to rely on the North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) to bring compelling and information packed sessions to the National Pavement Expo and 2013 will be just as spectacular.

NAPSA is pleased to share that Harry Barth, Esq. will be teaching attendees important lessons on “Responsible Risk Taking through Asset Protection Planning” as well as “What is the Real Value of Your Business to You and Your Family”?

Most of NAPSA’s members are independent business owners. So what happens when the primary “bread winner” is incapacitated or worse…death? In these sessions, attendees will discover the value of the business and ways to continue the income stream. Don’t let taxes and bill collectors take what you have worked so hard to accumulate!

Taught by one of the most sought after Financial Planning Practitioners and practicing attorney, Barth will bring all attendees to a confident level of knowledge on the subjects of:

  • Top Five Must Haves for Asset Protection
  • The Difference Between Personal and Business Holdings
  • Golden Handcuffs
  • Business Exit Strategies
  • Family Attributes
  • Estate Planning Considerations

            and much, much more!

Harry Barth has more than 40 years of experience in the financial services industry and counseling franchisees, business owner and corporations nationwide. He has distinguished himself by being an asset protection advocate. Mr. Barth is the founder and managing member of a financial planning and wealth management firm as well as the Senior Partner and managing partner of the law firm, Barth Berus & Calderon, LLP.

Visit the NAPSA website at for more information on this fabulous upcoming educational opportunity!


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