Mack Web Page Compares Cost of Fuel and SCR to Older Diesels

Mack Trucks offers a calculator on its website to compare the costs of the latest selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology. Fill in six pieces of information – diesel price per gallon, DEF price per gallon, total miles driven per year, fuel economy with SCR, SCR fuel economy benefit, and the DEF use rate – and the calculator automatically compares the fuel and DEF costs per year for a truck with SCR to that of your current trucks.

"There are so many variables with each customer and each customer duty cycle – not to mention an inordinate amount of misinformation – we decided to let customers insert their own numbers, fuel economy pre-2010, post-2010, cost of diesel fuel, cost of DEF, the ability to change DEF dosing rates and annual mileages," explains Dave McKenna, director of powertrain sales and marketing, Mack Trucks. "I have always preferred to have customers draw their own conclusions from verifiable and repeatable information.

"As far as accuracy goes, enter real world information and you are provided real world fact-based data," he adds. "This was very important to me from the very get go – providing customers with the best information that I can supply to determine the best product to meet their needs."

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