Self-Erecting Cranes Lift University Project to Early Completion

The Challenge:

Speed construction of a three-story health science center in a project for Cedarville University in Ohio that originally called for a conventional tower crane.

The Players:

Capital City Group
Danis Builders LLC

The Process:

Two Potain self-erecting cranes helped turn a three-week weather delay into an early completion on a project at Cedarville University in Ohio. The 6.6-ton HDT 80 cranes played a central role in the construction of the $16.5 million Health Science Center, which will house the nursing and pharmacy programs at the University.

The project originally called for a standard fixed tower crane, but main contractor Danis Builders LLC chose two self-erecting cranes instead, which it rented from Capital City Group.

“The self-erectors didn’t need foundations or much land preparation,” said Keith Jenkins, sales and marketing manager at Capital City. “They can be transported at 50 mph on one truck and erected and ready to work in no time. Benefits like this, on a project with a tight budget and an even tighter schedule, made them an ideal choice.”

The three-story building was constructed as a cast-in-place concrete structure, so the cranes lifted a variety of materials including rebar, forms and concrete. To get the job back on track, the cranes utilized their full-length 147-foot jibs and lifted maximum loads of 6.6 tons.

The HDT 80s were supplied with height adjustable cabs. This option proved particularly advantageous as the mast-mounted cabs gave the operators a choice of vantage points and improved visibility over the expanse of the project.