Can we hear you now?

We are in the second year of our magazine, Sustainable Construction, and we hope you are enjoying our quarterly digital publication (this is our annual print edition as well), iPad app, monthly newsletter, website and our presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

We’ve had the opportunity to talk with some of you personally these past two years, and we appreciate your feedback, contribution and insights into our industry.

Many more of you have connected with us via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Thank you so much for helping to educate and spread the message of sustainable construction across the commercial construction market.

The sustainable market has come a long way in the short two years since the launch of our publication. Check out just how far in our “The Industry in Numbers” article in this issue.

One mind-boggling statistic from that article: 8 million workers are predicted to be supported by sustainable construction in the year 2013. This range of occupations includes construction managers, carpenters, electricians, architects, truck drivers, cost estimators and more.

The revolution in sustainable construction continues every day. How are you participating in it?

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