Forming a Waste-to-Energy Plant With 131-Foot-High Walls

The Challenge:

Form and build 131-foot-high by 180-foot-long walls.

The Players:


The Process:

Construction of the waste-to-energy plant of Turin, Italy, made for a challenging jobsite due to considerable and ever evolving construction challenges including tight deadlines.

Pilosio, an Italian manufacturer that provides scaffolding and formwork, supplied materials and equipment for the project including its P300 formworks system used for casting walls 131 feet high and 180 feet long with beams to create all the vertical walls of the waste pit. The beams helped make construction of 13-foot walls a quick job.

A cart model was used to allow maintaining the P300 panelling constantly in line with the beam system, which allowed it to move as a single block for the subsequent higher stages.

Pilosio supplied contrast beams combined with the P300 frameworks for the casting of all “single-face” walls of the waste pit, which, for design reasons, could not be implemented using the “double-face” system. With Pilosio's MP scaffolding applied, it was possible to create approximately 10 service stairs with aluminum steps to access the work floors even at a significant height of 131 feet.

The MP system was chosen to support a portion of the floors at a height of 73 feet thanks to the flexibility of managing several dimensional compositions and due to the need to reach intrados with heights of approximately 82 feet. Thanks to the MP system it was also possible to resolve the issue of supporting significant concentrated loads. Six 36-foot-tall towers were manufactured in order to support a concentrated load of approximately 130 tons per tower.

Pilosio’s technical department designed another custom support structure using the MP system to build contrast struts to temporarily stabilize a free, 57-foot-high wall up to the point of building the cover that would bind it. The contrast struts fastened on the only free walls of the floor to stabilize the 10,763-square-foot wall from a height of over 73 feet up to a height of more than 131 feet. Using the T28 Tower system it was possible to support all floors with high capacity that had linear and simple dimensional characteristics.