National Pavement Expo Offers Diversification Opportunities for Green Industry Contractors

Green industry contractors interested in generating more sales from current customers might consider learning about the pavement maintenance market at National Pavement Expo (NPE), Jan. 23-26, 2013 in Nashville, Tenn. The pavement maintenance industry’s premier national conference and trade show offers more than 50 technical and management sessions and three days of exhibits from more than 100 material suppliers and equipment manufacturers.

Diversification Discount at NPE 2013 for Contractors Interested in Getting into Pavement Maintenance

“In many ways pavement maintenance contractors are similar to green industry pros,” said Amy Schwandt, NPE show manager and publisher of Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction. “Both groups are problem solvers for commercial clients and both groups are in regular contact with their customers, generating repeat business. NPE offers green industry contractors an opportunity to generate additional revenue from their existing customers by offering a wider array of services.

“National Pavement Expo is the paving and pavement maintenance industry’s ‘must-attend’ event, the only trade show and conference serving this industry,” Schwandt said. “Contractors who attend it regularly consistently attest to the fact that they bring home things – new equipment, a new material or material supplier, or things they learned in seminars – that have helped them both grow their business and make it more profitable.”

Schwandt said that more than half NPE’s 90-minute seminars are devoted to “how-to” pavement maintenance topics, including Basic Sealcoating Principles, Better estimating on Sealcoating Jobs, Parking Lot Layout & Striping Basics, How to Know “Weather” to Sealcoat or Stripe, How to Stripe the Tough Jobs, Stamped Asphalt & Interlocking Concrete Pavement: Profit Opportunities for Contractors, Asphalt Maintenance Basics: Cracksealing, Patching, Sealcoating & Overlays, and Infrared on the Job: Step-by-Step Jobsite Solutions.

In addition NPE offers 3-hour workshops devoted to technical topics such as Understanding Pavement Defects & Solutions and Parking Lot Striping for Contractors and management topics such as Critical Issues for Small Contractors.

New pricing structure

Schwandt said that to make it easier for contractors to attend as many sessions as they like, NPE has restructured its conference pricing, reducing the cost of seminars the more seminars you take. She said any conference registration also includes admission to the exhibit floor.

“In the past NPE had offered packages but not all contractors want to take 8 or 10 sessions,” Schwandt said. “The way it’s structured now contractors can take as many sessions as they like and receive a reduced rate the more sessions they take. We hope it will make it easier and more economical for contractors to attend all the sessions they want to.”

Schwandt said that, as always, more than half of NPE’s 53-session conference program boasts new topics, with the remainder of the program sessions that contractors want every year. “The conferences offers the best of both worlds: new material that contractors can apply to their business and ‘greatest hit’ sessions that are in demand every year,” she said.

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