Crew Training, Price Flexibility Highlight Next Week's National Pavement Expo

When National Pavement Expo returns to Nashville Jan. 23-26, 2013 it will be returning with a broader paving crew training program and a special conference discount for Asphalt Contractor readers, according to Allan Heydorn, NPE show and conference manager.

“With four days of training and three days of exhibit floor National Pavement Expo provides a great opportunity for paving contractors to improve the skill level of their crews and the quality of their paving jobs,” Heydorn says. “By reinforcing paving basics and enhancing on-the-job skills contractors can improve job quality and productivity of crews paving everything from driveways to parking lots and roads.”

He said the 2013 NPE program offers 15 technical paving or patching sessions, including:

  • Applying “Best Practices” to Your Paving Operation
  • Successful Asphalt Placement & Compaction for Crews
  • Infrared on the Job: Step-by-Step Jobsite Solutions
  • Asphalt Maintenance Basics: Cracksealing, Patching, Sealcoating & Overlays
  • Commercial Paving “Tough Jobs” & How to Solve Them
  • Keys to a Profitable Project; Materials Selection (Presented by Asphalt Institute)
  • Keys to a Profitable Project; Pavement Evaluation (Presented by Asphalt Institute)
  • Understanding Pavement Defects & Repair Options
  • How Your Paver Operates – and How its Operations Impact Your Bottom Line
  • Paving Operations: How to “Train the Trainer”
  • Effective Compaction of Hot Mix Asphalt
  • Identifying, Preventing, and Solving Mat Problems
  • Proper Base and Subgrade Construction for Parking Lots & Driveways
  • Troubleshooting HMA Joint Construction
  • Essentials of Parking Lot & Driveway Paving

Paving-crew discount

Heydorn said that to make it easier for contractors to attend as many sessions as they like, NPE has restructured its pricing, reducing the cost of seminars the more seminars you take.

“We used to offer all-conference packages but there just weren’t many contractors who wanted to take all of the sessions,” Heydorn says. “We’ve reorganized the pricing so that contractors can take as many sessions as they like and the more sessions they take the great the discount per session. We hope it opens the door so contractors can take all the sessions they want to.”

Amy Schwandt, publisher of Asphalt Contractor, says the magazine has negotiated with NPE to offer a special discount to Asphalt Contractor readers. She said that contractors registering using the promotional code EX135 can select six “improve-your-paving” sessions (regular price $390) from a list of 13 sessions for $299. “That’s a great opportunity for contractors who want to improve their own paving knowledge or that of their crews,” Schwandt says. “It’s also a great way to take advantage of the industry’s best contractor-focused technical program.”

New management sessions

Heydorn says that NPE 2013 will offer more than 30 new 90-minute sessions including new management sessions such as: “Beyond the Website, Using Online Tools to Grow Your Offline Business,” “Increasing Jobsite Productivity Means More Profits!,” “Mastering the Business of Asphalt: How to Become Your Market’s Asphalt Pro,” “Managing a Multi-generational Workforce,” “Pursuing New Types of Customers: When, How & Why,” “If Your Problem is Price, What Is Your Solution?,” “New Experience Mod Calculations & How to Control Your Workers’ Comp Cost,” “Why – and How – to Develop a Business Continuation Plan,” “How to Improve Your Customer Service – and Your Sales,” “Building Teamwork within Your Business,” “How to Use Today’s Technologies to Manage Your Contracting Business,” “How to Dominate the Web with an Effective Website and Web-marketing Program,” “101 Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line,” and “10 Proven Steps to Acquire More Business.”