PAVEMENT 2013 Top 100 Contractor Ranking Survey

Welcome to Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction’s survey of paving & pavement maintenance contractors. Our hope with this survey is to develop verifiable Top Contractor listings in each of four industry segments: Paving, Sealcoating, Striping and Sweeping. To do that we need to know:

  • Gross Sales Volume for your fiscal year 2012 (regardless of the date that fiscal year ended)
  • A breakdown by percentage of the type of work that generated those 2012 sales
  • Third-party verification of that sales total (see additional explanation at the end of the survey)

To determine whether a company qualifies for one (or more) of our four lists we will multiply your total 2012 sales dollars by the percentage of work done in each industry segment. For example, if a contractor reports $1 million in 2012 sales and generated 30% of those sales from pavement marking, the number used to determine qualification for the Striping Top Contractor List would be $300,000 ($1 million x 30%).

Note: No sales figures will be reported or published; sales figures will be used only internally for determining each list. Also, no contractor will be eligible for the list without third party verification of your FY 2012 Gross Sales Volume.

You can complete this form online at or you can complete this form and fax or mail it in. Questions marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed for consideration.

Thanks very much for your participation. We do appreciate it. Should you have any questions please call me at 708-531-1612 or e-mail me at

Name & Title of Person Completing This Form

*First ________   Last ___________ e-mail ____________ Phone ____________

*Company Information

Company Name (as you would like it to appear on the magazine)
Street Address
Zip Code
Phone Number with Area Code
Fax Number
E-mail Address

*Years in Business ____

Please indicate your number of employees at peak season (if employees fulfill more than one function please include them in the category they perform most often):

__ Management
__ Office Staff
__ Field Supervisors
__ Sales
__ Laborers

May we contact Your Company by e-mail? ____ Yes   ____No


2012 Ranking Information. All questions must be completed to be eligible for ranking. Information should be based on your 2012 fiscal year.

 *1. What is your company’s Total Gross Sales for your fiscal year 2012? ____________ (This figure used internally for ranking purposes only; it will not be published.) Please round to whole dollar amounts. (Example: 1,548,222)

*2. What percentage of your fiscal 2012 sales dollar volume is represented by each of the following areas (must total 100%):

__ Sealcoating
__ Striping

__ Sweeping

__ Pavement Repair

__ Production of hot mix asphalt (plant operation)

__Other (explain) ________________________________

 *3. What percentage of your fiscal 2012 sales dollar volume is generated from work done on each of the following (must total 100%):

__ Highways
__ Streets/roads

__ Parking lots

__ Driveways

__ Other (explain) __________________________________________

*4. What percentage of your fiscal 2012 sales dollar volume is generated from each of the following types of customers (answers must total 100%).

__ Commercial/Industrial

__ Municipal (state/local agency)

__ Multi-family residential (apartments/condos/HOAs)

__ Single-family residential

__ Other (explain) ________________________________________________

 *5. What percentage of your fiscal year 2012 sales dollar volume is generated by working as a subcontractor for other contractors? _______

*6. What was your overall company-wide profit margin in FY 2012? (Not for publication; results will be presented for the industry as a whole.)

__ Less than 3%

__ 3%-5%

__ 5%-10%

__ 10%-15%

__ More than 15%

7. How many different customers did you work for in FY 2012?

__ Fewer than 50

__ 50-100

__ 101-150

__ 151-200

__ 201-300

__ More than 300

8. How many different jobs did your company complete in FY 2012?

__ Fewer than 50

__ 50-100

__ 101-150

__ 151-200

__ 201-300

__ More than 300

9. What is the estimated replacement value of your fleet of equipment (including trucks)?

__ Less than $100,000

__ $100,000 - $200,000

__ $200,000 - $300,000

__ $300,000 - $400,000

__ More than $400,000

10. Did your company contribute time, materials or funds for any community or charitable program? (Please attach verification)

Organization _______________________ Contribution ___________________________

Organization _______________________ Contribution ___________________________



To qualify to have your Top Contractor application included in the rankings and considered for Top-performer Awards, third-party verification of your FY 2102 Gross Sales Volume is required from your company’s CPA, an independent CPA or your accounting firm. Verification must be on the CPA’s or accounting firm’s letterhead (no photocopies) and must include a statement to the effect that “I have reviewed the company’s Top Contractor application, and the FY 2012 gross sales response to question Number 1 is accurate to the best of my knowledge.” The letter must be signed and dated and include the person’s name, title and telephone number. No financial information will be revealed; it will be used only internally to determine rankings and awards.

Sign Application and send to:
Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction
2013 Top Contractor Application
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Signature __________________________________________________
Title (please print) ___________________________________________
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Allan Heydorn, Editor
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