Why You Should Attend the Free Sealcoating Webinar

The upcoming free webinar presented by the Pavement Coatings Technology Council (PCTC) is a perfect opportunity for contractors to try out a webinar.

To be presented February 26 starting at 3:00 p.m. EST, “How to Fight for Your Sealcoating Business” will offer a behind-the-scenes look at how one East Coast producer of refined coal tar sealer is working to conduct its business in the face of a local ban on RFT sealers in part of its service area. The company, VelveTop, will present the story behind its response to successful and unsuccessful efforts to institute bans and you’ll learn what all this has meant to their day-to-day operation.

If that’s not something every sealcoating professional wants to hear about then you haven’t been paying attention over the last few years.

Part two of the free 60-minute webinar will feature Koppers Inc.’s Mike Juba, who has been a PCTC point person on this topic. Juba will provide the needed next step for contractors, namely what you need to know to defend your sealcoating business and what you should be saying to customers, local media, elected officials and local government agency staff who come to you with sealcoating questions.

The webinar will be a great opportunity to get a sense of how efforts to ban refined coal tar sealer happen, what the process feels like, and how it really can affect your business – whether the ban is successful or not. VelveTop is to be commended for sharing its experiences to benefit the industry, and we urge all contractors to take advantage of the webinar.

And it’s easy to do. Registration is free online at ForConstructionPros.com/Events. The day of the webinar you will log back in, a couple of steps will give you access and that’s it. You’ll also be able to ask questions “live” during the presentation. So don’t miss out. It’s an easy way to learn what’s going on and how best to fight for your sealcoating business.