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Low-Boy Trailer Hauls Multiple Machines for Kiley Paving

Jim and Steve Kiley, owners of Kiley Paving Ltd. in Kingston, Ontario, knew exactly what they wanted when it was time to buy a new low-boy trailer to haul their paving equipment.

Jim Kiley’s more than 40 years of experience had taught him that they needed a high-quality trailer that could stand up to frequent use hauling excavators, asphalt pavers, dozers and heavy rollers. A float that would carry more than one piece of equipment per trip would save considerable time and money. They also needed a gradual ramp to make loading the equipment safer and easier.

After checking out several local dealers, Jim Kiley went to Warren Smith at Industrial Trailer Supply Company of King City, Ontario, a Rogers dealer for more than 45 years, where he found a trailer that fulfilled all of their requirements. Warren suggested a 55-ton Gentle Riser, one of Rogers Blacktop Series trailers.

The Gentle Riser design has a 16° angle of incline for safe, easy access from the deck to the rear frame. Optional depressed riser center beams readily accommodate the stick of an excavator while allowing a roller to climb up the wood-covered outer ramps.

The Gentle Riser is available in 35- to 60-ton capacities with deck lengths ranging from 22- to 28-feet long, and from 8 ft. 6 in. to 10 ft. wide. Optional features include a 20-inch loaded deck height for increased overhead clearance and a 3-foot rear ledge with a bumper stop to add extra loading space without increasing the wheelbase.

Warren helped Jim Kiley fine-tune the design for a trailer to meet his specific needs. His recommendations included 275 70R 22.5 tires, a rear bumper stop and Rogers adjustable front folding loading ramps.

“We are very satisfied,” says Steve Kiley, professional engineer at Kiley Paving. “We’ve had the trailer in frequent use for five months and it has performed to our full expectations.”