Three Potain Tower Cranes Building Italian Sea Front Project

The Challenge:

Potain tower cranes will be on the construction site for three years battling strong winds and sea air during coastal development in southern Italy

The Players:

RCM Costruzioni Spa
Ritonnaro Costruzioni Spa

The Process:

Three Potain tower cranes will spend the next three years working in strong winds and sea air at an extensive coastal development in Salerno, southern Italy. The cranes, which were erected earlier this year, are lifting a variety of construction materials and equipment to build a seven-story crescent shaped building that will define a new landscape for the city’s port.

The development, dubbed “the front of the sea” project, is located between Salerno harbor and the marina. It comprises a large semi-circular building called The Crescent, which borders a public square between the building and the sea.

The three cranes are 12-ton capacity MD 310 C K12s, two of which are owned by RCM Costruzioni Spa and the other by Ritonnaro Costruzioni Spa. The two main contractors are working together in a joint venture on the project.

The cranes are working up to eight hours a day, six days a week. They are responsible for a range of activities including ground preparation work and lifting 10-ton reinforced concrete slabs that will make up the structure of the modular-designed building.

Two of the cranes are working at hook heights of approximately 118 feet and the third crane operates at a height of approximately 150 feet. All of the cranes are configured with 180-foot jibs and provide complete coverage of the site.