Industry Rebounds at NPE 2013!

In addition to seeing a 43% increase in contractor attendance, the 2013 National Pavement Expo in Nashville had its largest exhibit floor in 10 years with more than 20 new exhibitors, hinting the paving and pavement maintenance industry is on the rebound.

An indication of the improving economy and a recognition that contractors have put off buying equipment might be the reason some of the industry’s iron manufacturers decided to return to the exhibit floor -- or exhibit for the first time. Here’s just some of what you missed if you were unable to attend.

Graco, manufacturer of pavement marking and marking removal equipment, exhibited several different line striping units including the LineDriver HD featuring a ProStart Engine Starting System with forward speeds up to 10 mph and reverse speeds up to 6 mph. Also on display was the LineLazer 130HS, a hydraulic airless line striper.

BioSpan Technologies exhibited RePlay, a product that restores asphalt and reverses oxidation. The process introduces new SBS and SBBS polymers to the mix, strengthening the surface. RePlay penetrates 0.75-1.25 inches deep and cures 15-30 minutes after application.

Offering both heated and nonheated hoses, Copperstate Hose received most attention for its Guardian Hose, which enables contractors to add a heated hose to any cracksealing melter using a new control box that can be mounted on any unit. The Guardian Hose operates at 450°F or at 500°F intermittently, is available in ¾-inch or 1-inch thread and offers a built-in swivel to reduce hose weight.

Neyra Industries, whose Joe Conwell and Jeff Cayton presented the Basic Sealcoating Principles seminar, displayed its full line of sealers including SunShield solar reflective coating, PaveShield asphalt emulsion sealer, Jennite (available in asphalt or coal tar versions), and Tarconite (refined coal tar).

Pitch Black Manufacturers Association was on hand to discuss not only the properties of their asphalt emulsions sealer but also to explain why contractors should own and operate their own Pitch Black asphalt emulsion plant in an exclusive territory.

The winner of the Falcon MINI Asphalt Recycler & Hot Box was John Gillespie, Rescue Asphalt Maintenance in South Carolina. Falcon Road Maintenance Equipment, manufacturer of 2, 3, and 4-ton recycling trailers, held a drawing and gave away one of its 1-ton mini trailers. Heated by diesel or propane, the trailers can hold hot mix, heat cold patch and recycle old asphalt.

Seal-Tite is the producer of asphalt sealer, sealer additives and crack repair materials. Products include Rhyno Seal, Gator-Tite and Crack-Tite. Along with the selection of products, President Rodney Ashworth was present with licensee Martha Moore, owner of the Seal-Tite plant located in Mulberry, AR.

A rejuvenator as opposed to a pavement sealer, RejuvaSeal-USA offered its three-in-one asphalt rejuvenator that the company says penetrates the asphalt to chemically protect the asphalt binder by replacing tars and oils lost to oxidation. RejuvaSeal-USA is a national network of certified applicators and distributors.

Exhibiting the new 1000 SXPX Hot Box Reclaimer was KM International. Measuring 24 inches x 68 inches x 32 inches, the unit has a 1,000-pound capacity and utilizes 60,000-BTU propane heating element. It has a standard shovel door with shovel tray and a fully insulated triple wall.

STAR Inc., which offers licensing programs to companies interested in setting up their own manufacturing plants, marketed its line of asphalt emulsion sealers and refined tar sealers including Star Seal, Star Seal Supreme, Star Aviator and Star Micro-Pave.

Autoloc Transport Systems featured a solution for striping contractors tired of corralling equipment for transport using bungee cords and other assorted ties. The Autoloc, which can attach to any truck or trailer deck, instantly locks a striping machine and prevents it from moving during transport. All the contractor needs to do is roll the equipment into the Autoloc and it instantly locks (and provides instant release when you’re ready).

The Brewer Co. produces Brewer Cote, a high-solids concentrate that is the company’s flagship refined tar sealer; J485, formulated with a select blend of fillers proportioned for exceptional wear resistance; and RTU, a material diluted at the factory for correct solids content for application. Ideal for use where maximum efficiency is needed or strict control of application solids content is desired, RTU with ELA, is a polymer-blended product that is ready to use and designed to stand up to some of the harshest conditions. Brewer AE H/S is the company’s asphalt emulsion sealer.

Returning to the NPE exhibit floor after a brief hiatus, Bomag Americas showcased its 600/15 planer that weighs just under 15,000 lbs., with a 23.6 in. working width and its 138 AD tandem vibratory roller with a 54-in.-wide drum.

GemSeal, which offers a broad variety of pavement-related products, focused much of its efforts on its sealer lines including its refined coal tar Fed Spec material and PolyTar, its asphalt emulsion Guardian and high-performance asphalt emulsion Guardian PM, and its Pro-Blend, a combination of refined tar and asphalt emulsion sealer. Recently acquired by GemSeal, Surface Coatings Co. offers Seal-Pave, Seal-Pave AE (the asphalt emulsion sealer), and Seal-Pave Blend.

Pavement Recyclers exhibited the Bagela Asphalt Recycler which allows contractors to recycle during all seasons by reusing existing stockpiled asphalt materials. The unit is portable for on-site recycling and yields up to 10 tons per hour.

Blacklidge Emulsions informed contractors of its Guardtop asphalt emulsion-based pavement sealer, a LEED-certified material made of many recycled materials using a proprietary formula.

M-B Companies and PelletPatch introduced the Asphalt Patching Master, a self-contained trailer-mounted unit for producing hot mix asphalt for pothole repair in any kind of weather. Designed in conjunction with PelletPatch (a high-performance binder made of asphalt cement, crumb rubber from recycled tires and additives) the APM is a mini-mixer mounted on a single axle pull unit. It holds six 35-lb. “meltable” bags of PelletPatch aggregate sand pre-mix. A heater fueled by LP gas heats the mix and a Honda LP engine drives agitation.

The Ultimate Dryer, introduced by HTL Technologies, is a process for drying large surface areas at a quick rate and extreme heat without noise. Capable of melting snow and ice and clearing sidewalks and parking lots, The Ultimate Dryer can be mounted to pickup trucks, flatbed trucks, skid steers and more.

PaveMade was in attendance with its Mini Melters. Available in a 10-gallon push melter and a 30-gallon stationary melter, the units are portable and easy to set up with folding handles.

Manufacturer of eight infrared units, Kasi exhibited two of its Patriot units. The Patriot is truck mounted and available in 2-, 4- and 6-tons. It has a 48-square-foot infrared pavement heater providing a two-person crew with all of the materials and equipment required to complete asphalt repairs.

Next year’s NPE will be held Jan. 8-11 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and will include live demonstrations. For details when they become available visit