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Discovery Channel Show Gold Rush Breaks Through with Multi-Ripper Bucket

Dakota Fred and the gang from the Discovery Channel’s reality show “Gold Rush” solved a tough digging problem with a Hi-Cap Multi-Ripper Bucket from Leading Edge Attachments.

The Dakota Boys hit a layer of cemented cobble and bedrock near the bottom of an ancient waterfall where they expect to find their big gold payoff. It deflected the conventional bucket on their Hitachi EX270 excavator.

When Dakota Fred switched to the Multi-Ripper SHARC bucket, it ripped the material with ease.

Leading Edge Attachments' patented SHARC technology refers to “shanks on an arc,” meaning each tooth hits one at a time, thus providing the full breakout force sequentially on each tooth. The bucket also utilizes patented Multi-Ripper Teeth, manufactured for Leading Edge Attachments by MTGCorp. of Spain to fit on their KingMet System adapters. These teeth are like little Multi-Rippers in that the spikes do not align, so that each point contacts the surface to be ripped one at a time.

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