NES Rentals Reaps Surprise Benefits from Company-Wide eLearning Initiative

By putting every employee through PAL Card training using IPAF's new eLearning module, NES Rentals Chairman and CEO Andy Studdert says the company received benefits it didn't see coming.

Video: NES Rentals Employees Complete IPAF eLearning Training Module

"Every employee took the module, whether they're working in the field or in administration," he says. "Everyone told me they learned something new about being a safe operator. The accounts payable specialists now are very proud to have a PAL card, but more importantly, they can identify with the people in the field. There's been a structural shift in the company. We now are a safer, more cohesive organization, and an organization that has a greater inter-departmental respect."

He continues, "The people that don't work in the field can now fully appreciate the difficulty and complexity of delivering a piece of equipment, familiarizing the customer and getting it back safely. [Company-wide training] is the most valuable, cheapest way you can change your culture and have a lot of good things happen."

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