A Surprisingly Satisfying Rental

When I set out to rent a stump grinder for the Renters’ Review feature on page 12, I found the right piece of equipment, but my rental source didn’t deliver, so I decided to rent a pickup truck.

I called the leading car rental company in the small town where I live, but was told they don’t carry pickups. The person I spoke to apologized, and suggested I try a business on the edge of town. I said I hadn’t heard of it, and was told I might need to keep an open mind about the place.

Undaunted, I called and spoke to a very nice woman who said she did indeed have a truck for rent and I agreed to come pick it up the next day. When I finally found the place, I was momentarily put off by the shabby state of the premises, but I was greeted by a good-naturedly salty older gentleman who showed me the truck.

When I saw it, I almost laughed out loud. It was a 14-year-old Dodge Ram 1500, a little rusty and dusty but boldly hand painted in Green Bay Packers green and gold. It was really something.

I climbed in behind the wheel and by the time I returned the truck the next day, I was in love. Not only did this beast fulfill its duties like a loyal servant, it was also a heck of a lot of fun to drive.

But as lovable as the truck was, that isn’t what made this rental so satisying. Instead, it was the sheer relief of getting my problem solved quickly and simply.

At the end of the day, it didn’t matter what the building looked like, or the outward appearance of the equipment. What mattered is that this company had the right tool for the job when I needed it. In short, they solved my problem, and that’s really the primary objective of every rental.

Outward appearances certainly make a difference, but they don’t count for much if you can’t manage the fundamentals. And most fundamental of all is offering the right solution to your customer’s problem.