Enhance Safe Light Tower Performance

Light towers help keep workers safer while increasing efficiency on worksites. There are a few factors that enhance the way light towers improve worksite environments including proper positioning, tower design (hydraulic or manual winch), stabilizing systems, and amount of light output.

Proper positioning

The position in which a light tower is set up can dramatically affect the people on and around the worksite. A lot of highway construction is done at night, due to less traffic, and requires lighting in order for the workers to get their jobs done. It's important to have an adequate amount of light available for the workers while keeping the light from blinding passers-by. Some light tower manufacturers offer lighting systems with fixtures that can be directed straight down to eliminate glare.

Tower design 

Vertical only light tower designs simplify setup and allow the lights to be properly positioned while the tower is retracted. This makes setup in this particular instance more efficient than standard lay down, manual winch towers.

Another important design aspect includes stabilizing the light tower. Some manufacturers offer four or even five point stabilizer systems to help prevent light towers from being blown over by strong winds and protects both the people and machinery around it.

Light output

New lighting systems can produce a brighter, whiter light. The latest technology utilizes 1,250-watt lamps producing 150,000 lumens each. These systems not only provide more light but they also have a higher Color Rendering Index (CRI). A higher CRI means objects are seen more clearly and closer to the colors as they would appear in natural sunlight, minimizing the risk of accidents and mistakes.

The right light tower can be priceless, especially when it involves people’s lives. Choosing a light tower with the proper features for your worksite will help keep operations running efficiently while enhancing safety and performance. Choose your light tower wisely and it should keep business rolling, day in and day out.