Quikrete Builds Home for America's Largest Saltwater Crocodile

The Toledo Zoo recently welcomed the largest saltwater crocodile in North America to its animal family that includes hundreds of mammals, amphibians, aquatic creatures, reptiles, insects and spiders, and birds. Transported from Australia, the 17-ft. crocodile required a spacious and ecologically-friendly home at the Toledo Zoo. A.A. Boos & Sons and Great Lakes Concrete Restoration turned to Quikrete to help renovate an existing solarium into the ideal crocodile habitat.

Great Lakes Concrete Restoration applied more than 50 3,000-pound bulk bags of Quikrete Shotcrete MS over a rebar frame in the 80,000-gallon solarium pool before Graphite Design sculpted the material into a landscape that reflected the crocodile’s native Australian environment. The shotcrete surface was finished with a concrete stain to maximize the authenticity of this unique and highly anticipated zoo exhibit, which opened on May 24.

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