Attachment Clears a Wide Path in Hardwood

Scott Wolf has been using his Bradco Ground Shark Extreme-Duty for about 20 hours a month to clear trails through his 700 acres of heavy hardwoods in Muenster, TX. He originally set out to buy a more basic land clearing attachment, but his dealer, Zimmerer Kubota & Equipment, Inc., came out and did a side-by-side competitive model demo. “Within two minutes I was sold,” said Wolf.

Wolf paired the attachment with his new Kubota SVL 90-2 high-flow skid steer. “I had a lot of products competing for my attention, but in the end the Ground Shark was the most impressive. At one point, I rented a heavier duty brush cutter but it wasn’t as fast as the Ground Shark,” said Wolf. “Even my uncle is jealous. He has a competitor’s comparable product with only two blades and mine does a much better job with four blades.”

The Ground Shark Extreme-Duty Brush Cutter from Paladin Attachments has a 72-in. cutting width and is designed to clear tough ground vegetation, brush and hardwoods up to 7 in. in diameter. Four blades with alternating bevels provide deep penetrating, self-clearing, axe-like cuts and spin on a heavy-duty retention disc for increased stability and smooth operation. The 3/4-in.-thick high-grade steel blades are designed to rotate inwards when there is contact with an obstacle to prevent breaking and increase the wear life of the blade.

“I have been very impressed with how quiet it is,” Wolf commented about the attachment. “A company can say they have an extremely quiet drivetrain, but when you can still take calls while clearing brush it proves itself. Most importantly, clearing and maintaining trails takes a lot of time and I appreciate using a brush cutter that is fast and efficient so I can move on to other projects.”

Video: Bradco Ground Shark Family Of Brush Cutters