Tool Review: Pro Tech Prefers Corded LED Worklight over Cordless Flourescents

Lou Fort, head technician at Huntingburg, Ind.,-based K.A.R.S. Inc. recently added General Mfg.'s Stubby II LED to his worklight arsenal.

The top tech describes himself as a fan of cordless worklights, but rated the Stubby II Jr. nine out of 10, even though it used a cord and reel.

"I was impressed by the amount of light put out by just two LEDs, because this light easily puts out twice the amount of light as my other brand-new 13-watt, 18-volt battery-powered fluorescent worklight," said Fort.

"My number-one use for the Stubby II was as an underhood light," he said. "The light puts out about as much light as a 25-watt fluorescent in a package one quarter the size."

The fact that the light can switch between a standard droplight and a worklight with a focused beam provided Fort time savings, because he did not have to use different lights for different tasks.

"I did try out using the end 'Spot' light a few times to put more direct light down into tight spots under the hood with great success," he said.

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