Hot Mix October 2013

Refined Tar-based sealers Defended at International Conference

Two talks on topics relevant to refined tar-based pavement sealers (RTS) were presented at the recent International Symposium on Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds (ISPAC) Sept. 8-12 in Corvalis, OR.  

Kirk O’Reilly and co-authors presented Use of Receptor Models to Evaluate Sources of PAHs in Sediment. Using data obtained from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), they were able to replicate published USGS modeling and test the results against both a negative control and a model run using different input parameters for RTS.

One of the authors’ conclusions is that the USGS hypothesis that RTS is a significant source of PAHs in sediments is not supported by receptor models, which are commonly used mathematical models intended to help identify sources of environmental pollution. O’Reilly’s presentation is posted on the website. Evaluation of the USGS use of receptor modeling forms part of the basis for’s first Data Quality Act (DQA) challenge, which is also available on the website.

In a presentation titled Risk Assessment for Coal-Tar-Based Pavement Sealants, Brian Magee and co-authors reviewed their recently completed peer review of a risk assessment collaboration between Baylor University and the USGS. The peer review documents the exaggerations and unexplained violations of risk assessment guidance in the Baylor/USGS effort. Magee’s presentation and the peer review report can be read on the website,


BOMAG to Relocate Manufacturing to Southern U.S.

Driven by a key strategic initiative to expand its leading North American position and support for its customers throughout North America, Bomag Americas Inc. has announced it will cease manufacturing operations in Kewanee, IL, by the end of 2014 and relocate its business to a yet to be determined location in the southern United States.

The products (single drum rollers, asphalt rollers, MPH364 reclaimer/stabilizer) which are currently manufactured in Kewanee will either be relocated and/or replaced with market-accepted products manufactured in other existing BOMAG facilities located in Oklahoma, Germany or China. The Company is making this move in order to maximize its manufacturing efficiencies, maintain competitive product costs and most importantly better support our customers.

As part of its corporate strategy to provide “best in class” product support, the company will build a new facility to accommodate a parts distribution center, training facility for sales and service, assembly to accommodate special features for the North American market and a corporate office complex.

In conjunction with this move, the company is also announcing its intent to enter into a long-term lease with a facility based in Oklahoma that will focus on providing the engineering, technical support and manufacturing of asphalt pavers, material transfer vehicles and reclaimer/stabilizers specifically designed for North and South America as well as other key export markets.

"In order to improve our leading position in the marketplace we felt it was imperative to consolidate our manufacturing operations in order to leverage economies of scale and maximize our competitive position," says Joerg Unger, president of BOMAG Worldwide. "Our intent is to strengthen our North American organization with the objective of being closer to our customers in service support, product development and product specific engineering utilizing all potential synergies within the BOMAG Worldwide organization. The North American market is the largest market in the world and is strategic to our company’s long term success. The announcement of such an investment is a highlight of our commitment in this development."


PCTC Files 3rd Information Request

On September 18 submitted its third Data Quality Act (DQA) challenge since May to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) regarding research and reports concerning refined tar-based sealers.

According to Anne LeHuray, PCTC executive director, the third DQA Request for Correction (RfC) describes in detail “the exaggerations and violations of as many risk assessment guidelines as was needed to make it (falsely) appear that refined tar-based pavement sealers (RTS) are associated with elevated cancer risks.” reported that a team of USGS employees based in Austin, TX has been leading a concerted nationwide advocacy campaign to ban the manufacture and use of RTS in what is believed to be a case of “White Hat Bias,” the first case to be described in environmental research. White Hat Bias is defined as “bias leading to distortion of information in the service of what may be perceived to be righteous ends,” and was first described in a case involving obesity research. White Hat Bias is conjectured to derive from “feelings of righteous zeal, indignation toward certain aspects of industry, or other factors.” is filing DQA challenges in part to document the scientific inaccuracies, exaggerations, misleading statements and absence of context in USGS publications about RTS.  In the process, the submissions are documenting White Hat Bias within this Department of the Interior agency. submitted the first DQA challenge in the series on May 15, exploring in detail the mistaken USGS claim that RTS is an important source of PAHs in sediment in US urban water bodies and lakes. The second RfC was submitted May 31 challenging USGS use of inaccurate and misleading photographs of fish with ugly skin tumors as a tactic to advance their agenda by scaring the public.

The third challenge, focused on a risk assessment collaboration between the USGS and Baylor University, will be posted on the USGS web site once submitted. In the meantime, a peer review of the risk assessment that is the subject of the challenge is available on the web site.

PCTC announced that a fourth DQA challenge addressing USGS claims that RTS is an important source of PAHs in the atmosphere is in the works. The review reveals the same tendency as seen in other publications by the same USGS authors – that is, exaggeration to make it appear RTS contributes more to air pollution than it does.

For more information, including a detailed review of published USGS claims about RTS contributions to PAHs in air, visit


WSA Adds Member Benefits

World Sweeping Association (WSA) recently added two new product discounts as part of its member benefits package, according to Ranger Kidwell-Ross, WSA executive director.

The first is a product discount agreement with Baldwin Filters, a U.S.-based commercial filter company.  Baldwin offers WSA members' employees access to online, video-based, product usage training on a variety of filter types. In addition WSA members can participate in three-day Baldwin University seminars. In addition to the training options, Baldwin Filter provides WSA members a discount of 53% on filter purchases.

Kidwell-Ross said a second new member benefit is a 10-15% discount (depending on the model) of flat surface cleaner and pressure washers manufactured by Mystic Washer. Designed for fast cleaning of flat surfaces, such as drive-throughs, entranceways and sidewalks, the machine also has an attached spray wand so it can be used as a 'regular' pressure washer.

For more information visit


Schwarze Industries unveils Schwarze Training Academy

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Schwarze Industries, Huntsville, AL, unveiled its new Schwarze Training Academy in late September in response to what the company termed “increased demand for more hands-on training” and as part of their ongoing initiative to further strengthen customer satisfaction.

The new 7,000 sq. ft. facility, located across the street from the company’s manufacturing plant, will provide advanced maintenance and hands-on training for all Schwarze products.

“This new facility represents a commitment to our customers that Schwarze dealer technicians will receive the advanced training needed to provide the highest quality service and offers advanced training in areas such as electrical system diagnosis, control system diagnosis; noise, vibration, harshness diagnosis and repair,” according to the company.


Moves at SealMaster Southern Cal

 SealMaster has expanded its reach in the San Diego area by moving to a new location “more accessible” location in Mission Gorge, CA, according to Greg Farkas, owner,
Sealmaster Southern California.

Dan Naughton is now vice president of sales and marketing at the new location and Robert Shutt is director of new business development.

SealMaster San Diego/ Mission Gorge is located at 4570 C Alvarado Canyon Rd., San Diego, 92102.


Industry Appointments

At East Manufacturing, Randolph, OH, David Miedl as director of aftermarket parts sales & service. Miedl replaces Ted Hutchison who is retiring after 25 years with East Manufacturing.

At Paladin Attachments, Dexter, MI, David Garmenn leads the new strategic initiative focusing on aftermarket parts and attachment-specific maintenance kits….Aaron Hickman is controller at Talbert Manufacturing, Rensselaer, IN.


Potters Industries, Damar Industries Form Australia Alliance               

Potters Industries LLC, Malvern, PA, and New Zealand’s Damar Industries Pty Ltd. have formed a joint business alliance to supply road marking products to the Australian market. 

The two companies bring complementary products and services to the alliance. Potters is a leading producer of glass bead products that are primarily used for highway safety markings, providing the light-reflective lane markings found on highways around the world. Damar has a strong focus on the compliance-managed supply of road marking products and produces a wide variety of coatings used in a number of industries including construction.

“Potters is proud to be a part of this alliance,” said David Rice, general manager of Potters’ Asia/Pacific region. “We recognize that leveraging the skills of both companies will deliver a greatly enhanced package for the Australian road marking industry, inclusive of a ‘one-stop shop’ for road marking supplies, commitment to cooperative R&D, and the ease of seamless electronic ordering, all of which will benefit both our existing and prospective customers.”

Damar’s recent acquisition of Colour Dispersion Co. (CDC) in Wetherill Park Sydney laid the foundation for the alliance, according to Damar. The acquisition gives Damar a manufacturing footprint in the strategically important Australian marketplace and provides a launch pad for the new road marking business.

“Our alliance with Potters Industries and dedication of resources locally in Australia demonstrates our commitment to the Australasian market; we are now a true Trans-Tasman supplier,” said Scott Thomson, executive chairman of Damar Industries.

"Combining the product lines, customer service, and technical expertise of both Potters and Damar provides unsurpassed resources available to support the customer," said Bob Carnaby, newly appointed representative and technical sales consultant. 


Alan Rose Receives EEA Lifetime Achievement Honors

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Alan Rose, CEO and majority owner of Rose Paving Co., Bridgeview, IL, recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2013 Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards (EEAs), sponsored by The Daily Herald Business Ledger. The EEAs were presented for the 14th consecutive year, and 20 business owners were recognized at the Sept. 11 event.

A member of the Pavement Advisory Board since 1997, Rose is also a regular speaker at National Pavement Expo. He will be presenting a 90-minute session, “Setting the STAGE for a Successful Promotional Event,” at the 2014 National Pavement Expo, Jan. 8-11 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

“I am thrilled to accept an Entrepreneurial Excellence Award in Lifetime Achievement,” Rose said. “Year after year, I continue to make great strides exceeding industry, customer, and employee expectations. After 40 years as an entrepreneur, I have learned valuable lessons; perhaps the greatest of all, to hire people smarter than me. I trust my employees to do as good or a better job than I could do myself.”

The EEAs recognized outstanding entrepreneurship in suburban Chicago. Honorees demonstrate the best traits of entrepreneurship, including willingness to take risk, drive, perseverance, and business creativity. In order to qualify, the nominee's company or organization must be based in, have been founded in, or have a significant presence in the suburban Chicago area.