Terex Crane Lifts House Over Fence from Building Site to Transfer Truck

The challenge:

Lift a 33,000-lb. house over a fence, on a windy day, to place it on a truck for transport to its final location

The players:

White Crane Company, Inc.

The process:

Last year the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) in West Columbia, S.C., worked with Habitat for Humanity to build the first-in-the-state Habitat house built by kids within in the juvenile justice system. The catch: frame construction had to be completed behind the DJJ facility’s fence, as the kids were not allowed to construct it at the permanent building site.

White Crane Company, Inc. of West Columbia, is a member of the mechanical contractors association who volunteered to help instruct the kids on building techniques. "It's a great program," said Ryan Flynt, vice president of White Crane. "The kids learned important trade skills, and the house helped a deserving community member move into a home of their own."

After framing was completed inside the DJJ facility, it had to be lifted over the fence and onto a truck, so the structure could be moved to its final destination. White Crane donated the cranes and rigging manpower to perform the lift.

The new structure’s size required a tandem crane lift to safely hoist the house. One of the primary challenges was "we had to estimate the weight of the house," said Jason Flynt, president of White Crane. Additionally, it was windy the day of the dedication ceremony. "The winds picked up, and we had to start the lift before the ceremony was finished," he said.

Initially, White Crane planned to use two 90-ton cranes, but that was before purchasing the Terex Crossover 6000. After reviewing the boom truck’s lift charts, White Crane replaced one of the 90-ton cranes with the Crossover 6000. "The chart actually has the Crossover’s capacity rated 20 percent higher than that of the 90-ton crane at the radius we were working," Jason said.

To lift the approximately 33,000-pound structure over the fence, White Crane operated both cranes at a 95-foot boom length at a 45-foot radius. The Crossover 6000 charts a 23,100-pound capacity at these settings, which in the state of South Carolina enables up to 17,325-

Even with the uncertain house weight and weather challenges, White Crane’s crew easily and efficiently handled the Habitat house lift with the 60-ton Crossover 6000 and 90-ton mobile crane. Within a short four-hour window, White Crane’s crew had the Crossover 6000 set up, rigged for the lift, completed the lift and had the crane de-rigged and moved out.