What is New in Sustainable Construction?

Take a look around and you will most likely see sustainability mentioned almost everywhere you look, from television commercials to billboards to posters in your child’s school. No market is immune to the messages and practices of sustainability.

The construction industry is no exception. Look within the construction industry and you’ll see contractors utilizing sustainable practices every day. For example, the pavement industry and the foamed asphalt repaving technology — it's an existing technology that's recently taken root in many areas. The concrete industry has seen innovative methods of utilizing tilt-up concrete forms. And wood foam insulation is being perfected as we read this.

The field of commercial construction has become a leader in environmental sustainability. As an industry, we’ve come a long way in a short period of time.
New products enter the market every day advertising sustainability. We cover many of these in our publication — take a look at our Sustainable Products section.

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