Sweeper Survey Participation Lags

While the sweeping industry’s response to Pavement’s 2014 Top Contractor Survey still lags other segments of the industry, contract sweeper listings grew 150% from 10 to 25 companies.

Because last year only 10 contractors were included in the 2013 Sweeping List, we didn’t report total sweeping-only sales. This year, however, we think it’s fair to release that figure, which totaled $41,719,267 for the 25 contractors.

In all but five of the 25 listings, companies generated 10% or more of their revenue from sweeping; 13 of the companies generated more than 50% of sales from sweeping, and only four companies generating 100% of sales from sweeping (with another four generating 90% or more of sales from sweeping).

Most of the contractors do their sweeping on parking lots, with 22 of the 25 companies generating at least some of their revenue from parking lot sweeping (and only four companies generating 15% or less from parking lot sweeping).

Highway sweeping is a small part of this group’s business with 13 contractors generating at least some revenue from highway sweeping, but only one contractor reporting 50% or more of sales from highway work. Sweeping of streets and roads, however, represents a significant revenue generator with 20 companies reporting work sweeping roads and only six of those reporting 15% or less work done on roads.

Note: Some of the 2014 Sweeping List are members of the North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) or the World Sweeping Association (WSA). We have indicated those companies with an N for NAPSA or a W for WSA.