Top Contractor Survey Participation Jumps…Why It Should Jump More

For the second year of our Top Contractor survey, we experienced greater participation, which resulted in lists that increased substantially in both number of companies and dollars. Our plan is to develop these lists until we are able to list 100 contractors in each industry segment – and we’re well within shooting distance of that. Four of the five lists jumped from 50 to 75 companies and even our sweeping list jumped from 10 to 25 contractors. (Not sure what the concern is among sweepers but we have faith they’ll come around.)

The 2014 Top Contractor lists include contractors based on sales volume in a specific service segment, listed in alphabetical order – they’re not a ranking. While the lists are certainly valuable to the companies that qualify for them, they are more valuable as part of a process of collecting industry information – information that isn’t available anywhere else.

But we have been asked, “I’m a small (or mid-sized) contractor who won’t qualify because the lists are based on sales volume. Why should I bother participating?” A legitimate question. You should participate because any firm that provides us information will receive for free an industry analysis based on the information provided by all companies. Last year’s “2013 Pavement Top Contractor Analysis” included information that was only available to survey participants – information on profit margins, subcontracting and more. We provide an in-depth discussion that gives contractors insight into their industry, providing a benchmark against which they can compare their business.

So regardless of size or sales volume, consider participating next year. The survey is brief, the information is easily obtained from your financial records, and the verification process is about as easy as we can make it. So mark your calendar to participate in next year’s survey which will be available online from January 1 through April 30.