App of the Week: Light Tower App Calculates The Best Way To Light a Site

Mobile app: Allmand Light Tower app
Developer: Allmand Bros. Inc.
Cost: Free
Available on: iPhone & iPad

Ever wonder how many light towers you need to illuminate your construction site? Not sure the best placement for the light towers on the jobsite? The new Allmand mobile app is designed to help solve those problems.

Allmand Creates New Light Tower Worksite App

How the app works

  1. Locate the area that needs to be lit on a satellite image
  2. Define the boundaries of the area
  3. Virtually setup portable light towers to determine placement, quantity and light configuration that most efficiently illuminates the worksite to the desired level of illumination

The app can be used to help set up 1000- or 1250-watt metal halide light towers from almost any manufacturer. Users can visually compare using 1000-watt versus 1250-watt light towers on the jobsite as well as set up a number of lamp configurations such as four 1000-watt lamps aimed straight ahead, six 1250-watt lamps aimed 45 degrees apart, etc.

The Latest in Light Towers

The iPhone app also includes a “hidden” flashlight mode to help the user find his or her way in the dark.

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