20 Common Sense Safety Tips

Safety is a major focus of the construction industry (or it should be). There are so many official and unofficial safety organizations and websites offering tips and training information. Here are 20 (common sense) safety tips for new hires according to the open-source safety website SafetyAwakenings.com.

Do you have any other safety tips you tell your new hires or remind your long-time employees about?

  1. Listen carefully to all safety training and ask questions for further clarification
  2. If you are assigned to a job or piece of equipment and you don't know how to safely use it or complete the job, speak up
  3. Read operating manuals before using a new tool or equipment
  4. Watch out for others
  5. Tell a safety coordinator or HR manager if you observe an employee who is impaired at work by alcohol or drugs - don't wait until someone gets hurt
  6. Inspect tools and equipment before using them
  7. Keep the work area clean and report any slip, trip or fall hazards on the job
  8. Don't be afraid to ask for help and guidance
  9. Don't rush
  10. Watch where you are walking or driving
  11. If you are not mentally and/or physically sharp do not do anything hazardous
  12. When something unusual or unexpected happens reflect on the new hazards and how to address them
  13. Plan safety into every job before beginning the job
  14. Don't use a cell phone or text when driving or if possible not on the jobsite at all
  15. Wear the proper personal protective equipment and clothing
  16. If you suspect something is dangerous, don't do it and discuss it with your supervisor or safety person
  17. If  you are experiencing pain from doing a job or using a tool report it to a supervisor or safety manager
  18. Take frequent breaks while doing repetitive jobs
  19. Do not play practical jokes on the jobsite
  20. Stay on the "safe side" of equipment if there is one