App of the Week: Field Supervisor

Mobile app: Field Supervisor
Developer: Bentley Systems, Incorporated
Cost: Free
Available on: iPhone and iPad

The Bentley Field Supervisor mobile app provides construction field workers with onsite views that are personalized for their specific project roles. The app enables real-time decisions to be made using the most relevant and current information while eliminating the risk of relying on outdated printed materials.

Video: Tour of Bentley Systems' Field Supervisor Mobile App

Bentley designed the app as a single purpose-built resource that field workers can use to aggregate all project data, whether it is stored in Bentley’s ProjectWise or eB or in third party data sources. To enable the app to connect to Bentley’s data sources, a user must have a Bentley Passport. In addition, a user can connect the app to other data sources, including SharePoint, using Bentley’s Mobile App Development Kit.

The app’s ability connects to multiple project data sources enables users to directly and securely access electronic documents - such as engineering documents, models or Microsoft Office documents - for reference during, for example, inspections. Field Supervisor provides both online and offline access so construction workers in the field are viewing the same information as employees in the office.

With the Bentley’s Field Supervisor app, users can make better, more informed decisions in real time out in the field and can do so more confidently based on information relevant to their respective roles and tasks on the job. Other benefits include using and editing only the most current information when performing field work and eliminating the risks associated with the use of out-of-date paper documents or with delays in the incorporation of field edits in workflows.

There are many useful features of the Field Supervisor app, and the top three according to Bentley include:

  1. Personalized and unified views which provide access to multiple project data sources for online and offline use of project info
  2. Ability to import into the connected data sources photos from mobile devices and documents modified using other apps in order to complete round-trip workflows
  3. One-click access to project information by viewing nearby projects in a geospatial view

App features:

  • Personalized information views
  • Favorite documents
  • Edit and review documents in other apps
  • View document properties
  • Geospatial interface provides a map view with pushpin indicators of projects and information from nearby locations
  • Upload and synchronize photos documents augmented in PDF red-line app of your choice back into ProjectWise or eB