App of the Week: Asphalt Pro

Mobile app: Asphalt Pro
Developer:  Post River Software
Cost: Free
Available on: Apple iPhone

Desgined for professional asphalt contractors and inspectors, the Asphalt Pro mobile app includes the usual material and cost estimator but goes steps further than other mobile apps by including a comprehensive suite of tools for use in the field.

Tools to match workflow and inspection practices in the field include: mix yield underrun/overrun calculators; tack and seal distance calculators and rate validators; and visualizers to balance plant, truck, paver and roller capacities.

According to Marc Alexander, one of the app's developers, the app was created to be a tool that can assist professional asphalt contractors and inspectors in the field with daily inspection and quality control duties while being able to take advantage of the technology, convenience and portability of smartphones.

"The primary focus of the app was geared towards QC/QA technicians, and the app was designed to match their workflow in the field: calculating shot rates for tack, checking mix yield, balancing mix production, etc.," said Alexander. "The material and cost estimator came last.We did feel the material and cost estimator was important for estimating small quantities and field changes, so we included it in the app."

According to Alexander, one of the key features of the Asphalt Pro app is the Balanced Production Tool, which can help deliver a consistent flow of mix to the paver. The Seal Application tool provides a simple but productive way to calculate shot distances and rock lands for sealcoat operations and can also verify those rates after the seal has been placed. A third key feature of the app is project documentation. "You can capture any issue that may arise on the project, ake a photo, add a description and a station location. Each photo is GPS and time stamped to ensure accuracy. It should be noted that all functions, including the project documentation feature, can be emailed back to the office or your supervisor as part of the project records," Alexander says.

The biggest benefits asphalt contractors can achieve when using this app include ease of use, mobility and time savings, he adds.

App features:

  • Cost Estimator for small projects, parking lots and change orders
  • Calculate Mix Yield and compare that yield to project estimates to help keep track of overruns or underruns
  • Calculate Tack and Seal distances to assist in application operations, and verify rates for inspection duties
  • Make adjustments to any parameters to optimize production, maximize efficiency and reduce constraints
  • Capture, organize and share digital images of issues that occur on the project as they happen - all with GPS and time coding
  • Includes six conversion calculators with units for every value a contractor and inspector would need in the field, in both US and Metric
  • All calculator results can be emailed back to the office - for archiving, updating supervisors or for general project record keeping
  • Cost Estimator for small projects, parking lots and change orders 
  • Each function has a help screen to assist users