App of the Week: EarthCam Control Center

Mobile app: Control Center
Developer:  EarthCam, Inc.
Cost: Free
Available on: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch clients can use the EarthCam mobile app to view and control their private video cameras from anywhere in real-time over WiFi, 4G, and 3G. The app operates the Control Center Cameras with on-board controls or swipe gestures such as pinch to zoom. With the app, users can also rotate their device to get a full screen view of the image.

The mobile app allows users to also view all archives for their cameras as well as the camera’s archive presets. In addition, the app can access weather for the camera’s location, view the camera’s position on Google maps and get the camera’s battery charge.

App features:

  • Available for EarthCam clients only; non-clients can view demo
  • Go to specific date in archives with calendar control
  • Save, email or post notes for any live or archived image
  • Take a picture on the jobsite or use a previously taken photo to post to Control Center Project Notes
  • Password details are saved securely for one-touch access to camera
  • MJPEG stream for WiFi only