App of the Week: ShiftPlanning Mobile

Mobile app: ShiftPlanning Mobile
Developer:  ShiftPlanning Inc.
Cost: Free to ShiftPlanning users
Available on: Apple, Android and Blackberry devices

ShiftPlanning's mobile application provides managers and employees fast access to schedules and messages on their mobile devices. Employees can use the app to access their schedules so they always know when and where they are scheduled to work.

Video: ShiftPlanning Online Employee Scheduling Software 

This mobile workforce management app incorporates all the key functionality of ShiftPlanning’s web-based desktop application with the advantage of being able to access the information immediately and remotely by mobile device.

App features for managers:

  • View and manage schedules including creating and editing shifts
  • View and manage staff including adding and editing employees
  • Use GPS tracking to verify employee clock location
  • Communicate with the message wall or send messages to employees or entire departments
  • Edit settings and update business details

App features for employees:

  • View schedules to find out when they work
  • SMS reminders give employees less chance to misread or forget shifts
  • Automatic shift reminders 60 minutes and 24 hours prior to work times
  • Notifications related to shift trades, open shifts and more
  • Pick up shifts: check for and pick up available shifts
  • View staff message board and private messages
  • Clock in and out from the field and schedule specifying field locations
  • View time-sheets
  • Edit profile settings