App of the Week: ExakTime Mobile 2.0

Mobile app: ExakTime Mobile 2.0
Developer: ExakTime
Cost: Free
Available on: Apple devices

ExakTime Mobile 2.0 time tracking app allows users to use their iPhone or iPad to track time. The app also helps manage remote employees and crews with a GPS-enabled oversight option. With the Team View feature, supervisors can view a map showing the clock-in coordinates of all company employees who’ve punched in using ExakTime Mobile. In addition, GPS geofencing helps confirm workers have clocked in at the correct location or jobsite.

Video: Mobile Time Tracking with ExakTime Mobile App

Another feature of ExakTime Mobile 2.0 is FaceFront Biometrics, which takes a photo of each employee at clock-in and clock-out. This feature is designed to help eliminate buddy punching.

The Field Notes feature allows app users to send photos, texts and voice updates from the jobsite to the office to improve communication and secure record keeping.

App features:

  • 100% accurate employee and activity tracking
  • Data syncs with accounting programs for streamlined payroll
  • Pre-set lists for job locations, cost codes and materials
  • Track employees expenses – including tools, supplies, travel costs and more