App of the Week: Timesheet Mobile

Mobile app: Timesheet Mobile
Developer: Freedom Telecare
Cost: Free
Available on: Apple and Android devices

The Timesheet Mobile app works with web-based software to track employee times, work locations and capture information such as customer, job and task level information for use in invoicing, detailed notes and mileage for expense reimbursements. The app also helps automate the entire timekeeping process from employee logs to Quickbooks imports. The time clock app provides employee GPS location verification, smartphone punch in/punch out and real-time synching and reporting to a secure Employer Web Portal.

The app features Punch Prompt functionality which uses GPS location features to create a geofence around an employee’s punch in location at a remote jobsite. The app can then monitor the employee’s location while on the clock. If the employee leaves the location the app prompts him or her to punch out. Timesheet Mobile also allows employers to know workers are on site during work hours while protecting the privacy of workers when not on the clock.

Video: Employee Location Tracking with Timesheet Mobile App

While the cloud-based app is free to download, use of the app requires a corresponding Timesheet Mobile subscription configured for use with the app.

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App features:

  • Punch in and out with the click of a button
  • Log time against jobs and tasks
  • Creates record of time employee left a work area on the server and sends an email alert to the manager
  • Add jobsite notes
  • Enter mileage
  • Capture employee GPS coordinates when they punch in and out
  • Provides a timestamp entry on the web portal's logsheet indicating the time of departure and jobsite information
  • Excel reports detailing employee shifts and labor hours per job
  • Import timesheets to Quickbooks for fast payroll and customer invoices