Architect Plans to 3D Print 2400-sq.-ft. Home

The project, which is expected to kick off construction soon, will rely on traditional cast and place footings
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New York City architect and contractor Adam Kushner and his company D-Shape Enterprises are planning to build a massive 3D-printed estate including a 2,400-square-foot house, swimming pool, pool house and car port — all of which will be 3D printed.

How 3D Printing is Affecting the Construction Industry

The project will be done on a site about 85 miles from New York City.

Kushner will use a method of construction known as in situ resource utilization. Unlike other large-scale 3D printers, D-Shape Enterprises will use a new printer that prints using on-site resources combined with a magnesium-based binding agent. These printers should allow the company to 3D print the structures using the same resources which create the structures as well as support for the construction of the structure themselves.

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