Copperstate Hose

Copperstate Hose

Company Details:
5306 W. Missouri Ave
Glendale, AZ 85301

Phone: 623-463-7900
Fax: 623-463-7906

As a custom hose shop we have been privileged to provide a dynamic approach to hose.Our precision machine shop has helped our neighbors next door to lifting the satellites above. We have helped the small family business to the industrial giants reach there goals. We strive to help you transfer your material to your customer in what ever fluid way possible. In this tight economy we know you value the quality and cost of our affective product.

The products manufactured here are American made. Here at CopperState Hose, we strive to keep your material flowing and products moving. Were not into nuts and bolts were into hose and giving you the power to transfer your energy into something more.