New QUIKRETE FASTSet Stucco Patch

QUIKRETE FASTSet Stucco Patch makes repairs easy, fast and effective.

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Stucco accounts for about 20% of the residential siding market, and while the material is durable, it will inevitably require maintenance. QUIKRETE, a manufacturer of pre-blended commercial-grade cement and concrete products, has made stucco repair easier, faster and more effective with its new QUIKRETE FastSet™ Stucco Patch.

  • Designed for full-depth and thin repairs, QUIKRETE FastSet Stucco Patch is a Portland cement-based material formulated to restore damaged stucco surfaces.
  • QUIKRETE FastSet Stucco Patch can be textured to match the surrounding stucco profile and can be painted in 90 minutes.
  • Applied with a trowel or putty knife, a 20 lb. pail of QUIKRETE FastSet Stucco Patch will repair about 10 sq. ft. at ¼ in. thick. QUIKRETE FastSet Stucco Patch is shrinkage compensated to prevent cracks in larger repairs.