Topcon 3D-MC MAX Dozer Blade Control Automation

Topcon 3D-MC MAX automates dozer blade control, driven by dual inertial measurement units to increase speed and blade response to the desired grade while eliminating the need for a mast on the blade

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    Topcon has updated its 3D dozer machine control system, adding more configurations and diverse applications. The system now supports the 4-way pusher class of dozers. An optional third IMU is available for pitch controlled blade systems support and improved performance on steep inclines. Improved blade wear management also helps the unit better hold accuracy with incremental field adjustments by accounting for blade wear.

    The Topcon 3D-MC Max system uses dual IMUs (Inertial Measurement Unit) to increase on-grade performance and maximize speed and blade response, while eliminating the need for a mast on the blade.

    • Sensors work with the ruggedized antennas to keep the blade as close to the surface as possible
    • Delivers high-accuracy elevation, slope and blade rotation sensing and integrated configuration
    • Faster response time enables operators to make tighter turns and cut smoother grades
    • Cab-mounted antennas mean no need for daily installation and removal of antenna, cables and mast
    • Suited for rough or fine grading applications, slope conditions and restricted sight environments

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