Contact Harald COVID-19 Card and Contact Tracing Platform

Platform provides a fast, effective stand-alone contact tracing solution utilizing Bluetooth Tracing Technology.

Contact Harald Contact Tracing Card

Utilizing Bluetooth Tracing Technology, this COVID-19 card and contact tracing platform provides a fast and effective stand-alone solution that doesn’t require the use of WIFI, apps, phones, IT installation or charging.

  • Each individual issued a unique registered contact card that is secure and contains no personal information
  • Bluetooth-enabled technology records when two or more people are in close proximity to each other (less than 6 ft. for more than two minutes)
  • Proximity data uploaded from the card if an individual does test positive or reports symptoms of COVID-19
  • Contacts tracked in close proximity of COVID-19 positive worker are immediately notified to get tested and remain isolated until the results come in
  • All data remains encrypted and secure utilizing the platform
  • Striking green cards provide a visual compliance cue 
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