BOMAG Launches Alternative Fuel Options for BW 120 AD-5 Tandem Roller

BOMAG now offers three drive alternatives for the machine; diesel BW 120 AD-5, gas BW 120 AD-5 LPG and electric BW 120 AD-5 E

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Three different solutions for the BW 120 tandem vibratory roller are now available: traditional diesel, electric and liquid petroleum gas (LPG). 

  • The traditional diesel-powered BW 120 AD-5 roller features a 33-hp Kubota engine with diesel particulate filter (DPF) that meets stringent Tier 4 Final emissions standards
  • For indoor, tunnel, inner city and construction projects that require meeting higher environmental standards, the BOMAG BW 120 AD-5 offers two alternative drive model concepts: the electric drive BW 120 AD-5 E and gas BW 120 AD-5 LPG
  • Offering a fast, 5-minute tank exchange, the liquid petroleum gas BOMAG BW 120 AD-5 LPG alternative drive is perfect for inner-city applications and construction projects with extremely tight environmental standards. This LPG model generates 15 percent less fine dust emissions than the traditional diesel engine model with DPF, 95 percent less NOx emissions and 15 percent less CO2 than comparable gas and diesel models. Additionally, environmental impacts due to fuel spillage are eliminated, and gas is not water-soluble, so it cannot contaminate groundwater
  • The BW 120 AD-5 LPG delivers an operating time of up to 5 hours in between tank exchanges, offering ample reserve to get the machine through an average work shift
  • The electric drive BW 120 AD-5 E delivers zero exhaust gas and fine dust emissions, making this flexible model the perfect alternative for operating in enclosed spaces such as tunnels, underground garages and interior spaces. Eliminating diesel engine operating noises, this roller is also perfect for working in inner cities with noise ordinances and during nighttime construction projects in sensitive areas
  • The roller’s 24.8-hp electric motor has no interval maintenance items, such as oil and filter changes, required by conventional drive systems. Its maintenance-free batteries and electric motors help to deliver operating cost savings of up to 40 percent. Reduced complexity of the electric drive system compared to conventional drives means repairs are simpler and faster
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